Are you struggling to integrate your personal and professional lives? Facing transitions at home or at work? Shying away from business development activities that would give you more control over your time and clientele?

Pat can address these topics for your law firm, government agency or bar association. Her  interactive presentations use positive psychology principles to elevate positive mood and build resilience for  high-stress work environments.

Popular topics include:

“Ten Mood-Altering (But Legal) Activities,” a resilience-building presentation featuring empirically validated positive interventions that attorneys can use in their practices and personal lives.

“You Gotta Have Heart,” a presentation describing Pat’s empirical study of 17 successful women lawyers and how they used their softer “heart strengths” strategically to succeed in the practice of law.

“What Are Your Thinking Traps?” about spotting and changing thinking patterns that may not be serving you in your practice and in your life.

“Shift Your Gears Without Stripping Them,” providing strategies for getting through professional and professional transitions.

Pat is also available to present CLE programs for professionalism or ethics credit, on lawyer well-being strategies to prevent burnout, unprofessional conduct, and substance abuse.

In addition to her JD degree, Pat holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Her programs are always customized with the group’s needs in mind. Contact Pat for more information.