Launch Your Dreams

Has the light gone out of your law practice? Do you feel like you have no life? Want to fly away but feel tethered by mounds of law school debt? Or do you want to find ways to soar within your practice?

Pat Snyder , a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, has launched I Can Fly, LLC, a coaching firm just for you. After nearly 30 years of successfully balancing the practice of law with the demands of raising three children, a husband and an elderly parent, she’s now working with lawyers who want to find more meaning and satisfaction in their work.

“There are so many strategies for restoring sanity to the practice and soaring with your strengths,” she says, “and some of them involve small, simple changes. But in the midst of deadlines and overload, they’re easy to miss. Working with a professional coach who’s been there can make all the difference.”

Pat brings her past experience as a lawyer and manager of lawyers to her coaching practice, along with training in the Co-Active®  coaching method, which honors each client as resourceful, creative and whole.

“My clients want coaching because they want to live lives consistent with their values and passions,” she says. “Lawyers are trained to be strategists. And they know the process goes much more quickly with a coach who can ask powerful questions, facilitate self-discovery and goal-setting, and hold them accountable for the action steps.”

Pat’s client work is also enriched by her study of applied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. A 2012 recipient of the Master of Applied Psychology degree there, she has studied with Martin Seligman, PhD, and other leaders in the field to discover empirically validated strategies for increasing well-being and performance. She has completed a study of successful women lawyers and the strengths and strategies they bring to their practices.

Finally, Pat’s coaching practice and the name of her company are also shaped by a belief in the power of attitude that she learned in a long-ago hang gliding lesson that she wrote about in an essay called “I Can Fly.” She also brings a sense of humor, honed by writing a humor column called “Balancing Act” for more than a decade.

“Lawyer stress is no laughing matter,” she says, “but in my sessions, laughter and creativity are encouraged. What a wonderful way of getting unstuck!”