Do What Comes Naturally

Would you like the practice of law to be easier? More creative? To feel like it’s not really work at all, but so intriguing that time stands still?

One of the ways to tweak your current job for the better could be to do more of what comes naturally.

Positive psychology researchers believe that using our “signature strengths” identified on the Values in Action (VIA) inventory, consistently and in new ways at work can improve our work satisfaction, move us toward a “flow” state, and increase our positive mood and in turn our creativity.

So what are VIA strengths? They’re the 24 human strengths that are the backbone of positive psychology –qualities that are universally admired by all cultures throughout time. They include qualities like bravery, kindness, perseverance and gratitude. And signature strengths are those almost can’t help but use; they are so a part of who we are.

How do you discover yours? By spending about 15 minutes to take a free online test developed by positive psychology researchers, asking yourself if the results ring true and if not, checking in with those who know you well to be sure you’re not “blind” to some of your natural strengths.

Then ask yourself if you’re actually using your true strengths regularly in some aspect of your law practice, whether it’s in legal analysis and advocacy, business development, or in client/colleague relationships.

If you’re not using your strengths, how might you? And if you are, how can you use them in new ways?