Life Balance

Sue Bender’s Plain and Simple trilogy is remarkable for its depth in exploring ways to balance and simplify our lives.  In the first, Plain and Simple, she shares what she learned while living with the Amish.  The second, Everyday Sacred, explores the sacred in everyday life, and the final book, Stretching Lessons, helps us stretch beyond our comfort zones.
Beyond Burnout by Gary Cherniss focuses on moving beyond the stress and disillusionment often felt by those in helping professions, including public service employees.

Not much time for stress relief?  Dr. Rachel Harris’ 20-Minute Retreats offers simple self-led exercises to squeeze into the busiest day.  And they’re not all 20 minutes.  For example,  a one-minute exercise suggests looking at an annoying person as if he was a work of art.

On a similar note is Jennifer Louden’s The Woman’s Comfort Book, which offers themed comforting activities, e.g., creating a comfort network and conducting courage rituals.

Practical and focused toward balancing work and personal lives is Dr. Barbara Mackoff’s The Art of Self-Renewal: Balancing Pressure and Productivity On and Off the Job, which offers specific techniques for issues like leaving the office behind at the end of the day.